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What Should I Do If My Roof Has Been Damaged by a Storm?

storm damage restoration in PA - Tri Link Contracting

Your roof is engineered to protect you from the sun, wind, heavy rains, significant snowfall, and various other natural occurrences. However, too much of a beating can destroy even the strongest roofs.
Following a storm, you might discover that your home’s primary safeguard has been compromised. In this case, it is time to look into storm damage restoration in your area.  

What Is Considered Storm Damage?

A hurricane is not the only storm that can cause severe damage to your home. High winds, a hailstorm, or heavy rains can also cause roofs to become damaged. If you are a resident of Washington County, PA, your home may have an asphalt-shingled roof. You can detect storm damage on a shingled roof through one or multiple of the following methods:

Missing or Broken Shingles 

Strong winds from a storm pose the threat of shingles that lift, fly off, and puncture spots in your roof that can allow leaks into your home. High winds and heavy rain can cause the material on your shingles to deteriorate quicker and leave your home vulnerable to additional damage. 

Damaged Gutters

Generally, gutters are pretty strong. Still, they are not impenetrable.  Gutters serve an essential role in your roofing system. They carry water away from your house. Without a properly functioning gutter, your roof can hold on to that excess water causing it to stagnate and overflow. Damages to your gutter should be immediately addressed by a professional roofing company.

Restoring a Storm Damaged Roof

Contact Your Insurance Company

Filing a claim through your homeowner’s insurance can help offset the unexpected cost of restoring your storm-damaged roof. Ensure you meticulously document any damage you observe and retain all receipts for the work performed on your home. Once you have filed a claim, someone from your insurance will assess the damage. You can then reach out to an expert roofing contractor near you to get started on restoring your roof. 

Make a Call to Tri-Link Contracting Services

We understand that the aftermath of a storm can be overwhelming. Events like this are not something that you can prepare for. At Tri-Link Contracting Services, we work tirelessly to take some of the weight off your shoulders. If you are looking for quality, reliability, affordability, and top-notch customer service, you are in the right place. Our team of experienced professionals can repair your roof, gutters, and siding, and remove fallen trees. 

Storm Damage Restoration in Washington County, PA

Tri-Link Contracting Services is a commercial and residential roofing contractor that has been servicing the needs of business owners in Western Pennsylvania, West Virginia, and Ohio for many years.
We hold full licenses and insurance, and our team of experienced professionals is ready to help you with all your storm damage restoration requirements. Call us today at (724) 470-7669 to schedule your consultation. Let us help you get your home back in shape!

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